Thoughts On Agility

Hi.  I am an Agile coach who plans to use this space to clarify my thinking on what it means to be Agile.  Welcome to my blog!

For me, the agile mindset came naturally.  Apparently, it happens to align with certain aspects of my personality.  But I know that is not the case for everyone.

For years I led software development teams where we developed iteratively and sought feedback, but I could see the industry moving toward bigger design up front and longer feedback cycles and that was concerning to me.  I was thrilled when I discovered “The XP Series” of books in about 2002; I was relieved and excited to know that there were others who thought like I did.

Fast forward several years – I find myself in the role of Agile coach.   Agile values are incredibly helpful, but the reality is that the world is complicated; situations are not black and white, and there is no one right answer for people seeking to apply those values.

I hope to use this space to work through issues and ideas that I deal with as an Agile coach.  If I hit on topics that are of interest to you, I hope you’ll join the conversation.

All the best,



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