My name is Susan K DiFabio.  I am an independent Agile coach focused on helping teams and organizations find success applying Agile principles.  I spent many years on project teams performing roles ranging from developer to designer to project manager to product manager.  During that time I witnessed first-hand the success of iterative development as compared with waterfall processes and I experienced the importance of building relationships and valuing people.  I am passionate about sharing what I’ve learned and partnering with my clients to discover an Agile journey that is right for their unique situation.


I am an experienced trainer in areas including Scrum, coaching, and managing in an Agile environment.  My training classes are interactive and engaging.  They are a balance of conceptual focus that builds context and tangible focus that builds skills.

You leave with ideas you can put into practice immediately.  One rule though – no multitasking!


I help individuals and teams discover where they are, and where they want to go.  I meet you at your starting point whatever that might be, and together we move forward.  I actively teach Agile practices when you are in a learning mode, and I step back to a consultative role that enables you discover your own path when the time is right.


I facilitate conversations.  Whether I am conducting an inception workshop, running a retrospective, or facilitating an essential conversation I help people identify what they really need, find common ground, hear each other in new ways, and discover new ways of achieving together.  Not only are these conversations productive, they are fun too.

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@skdifabio on twitter


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